Bovine Services

Progressive Solutions for your Dairy Farm’s needs.

Herd Consulting

Agwest Veterinary Group is a collaborative team of dairy professionals. Our group has the knowledge, expertise, experience, and resources to effectively assess your herd and offer recommendations to assist you with your farm. We strive to help you achieve your goals.

Herd Health Management

The goal of Agwest’s Herd Health Management programs is to ensure the optimal care of the dairy herd. We aim to work with the farm to maximize the herd’s health and productivity. Our programs are designed to suit the needs of each individual farm that we work with. We recognize that farms have unique needs, therefore, we work with the farm management to set performance goals. We then work cooperatively with the farm over time to meet these goals by structuring a program that includes regularly scheduled veterinary visits and incorporates many of the core services listed here.

Data/Records analysis
proAction® Preparedness Service
Herd Benchmarking
Production evaluation
Cow/heifer/calf health management
Nutrition evaluation

Cow comfort/lameness evaluation
Udder health Evaluation/Milk Lab
Parlor Evaluation
Vaccination program development
Treatment SOPs

Advanced Reproduction

Reproduction is at the core of Agwest’s dairy practice. Agwest’s senior veterinarians have over 50 years of combined reproduction experience and were some of the first veterinarians in North America to incorporate ultrasound exams into their routine reproduction exams.

Agwest offers a complete Embryo Transfer service including a mobile lab, which allows embryo collection and implantation to occur in an efficient, economical and proficient manor. Dr. Lisa McCrea and Dr. Jackie Wrigglesworth are certified by the Canadian Embryo Transfer Association (CETA) for both the domestic and export markets and Dr. McCrea sits on the CETA board of directors.

Agwest offers InVitro Fertilization thru our collaboration with
The Advanced Reproduction Centre

Medicine & Surgery

Agwest is a full service ambulatory practice that offers a comprehensive package of veterinary services to keep the individual cow healthy. With 4 veterinarians on staff, we are available 24 hours a day to assist the farm with any service that may be required. We are proud to offer services ranging from traditional through innovative, integrated health and high tech modalities.

24 hour Emergency Service
Digital X-Ray
Digital Ultrasonography

Integrated Health
Aqua Cow Rise System (ACRS) – Float Tank
Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)

Facility Evaluation

The health and success of a dairy herd depends on the right facility, effective management and staff. Agwest Veterinary Groups goes beyond the traditional scope of a veterinary practice and offers extension services to help you with your facility

Farm Expansion Planning
Barn Evaluation
Ventilation and Cooling Consulting

Biosecurity Evaluation
Farm Staff Training
Cow Signals Advisor