Agwest’s Complete Programs

Progressive Solutions for your Dairy Farm’s needs.

Welcome to Agwest’s Complete Programs. Agwest offers programs to keep your farm animals healthy and happy. Our philosophy is to have a proactive instead of reactive approach to animal health.

Complete Calf Care

The Agwest Complete Calf Care Program (CCC) provides comprehensive monitoring and benchmarking for the critical points in calf rearing. Producers enrolled in the program will receive bimonthly reports on calf growth and calf health that will allow them to spot trends quickly and target areas of opportunity.

Complete Transition Cow Care

The Agwest Complete Transition Cow Care Program (CTCC) focuses on supporting Fresh Cows through their highest risk period and is an amazing opportunity to supplement your herd management program.  Our Registered Veterinary Technicians will do a complete evaluation of each fresh cow and administer treatments according to the plan you have set-up with your herd veterinarian.  Producers enrolled in the program will have access to reports outlining their fresh cow health, as well as ongoing monitor reports that will help spot trends and target areas of opportunity.